Leonia has lost 16% of its tree canopy since 2008

Neighboring towns have allowed 32% loss in their canopy during the same period. Your Shade Tree Commission works to protect Leonia’s green asset. Here’s why:

Decreases Flooding and Erosion:

  • 100 mature trees catch about 139,000 gallons of rain water per year
  • Neighboring tree removal has resulted in occurrences of home and property flooding

Reduces Storm Runoff and Associated Costs:

  • Our canopy saves the Borough an estimated $42,000 per year for repair and replacement of hard infrastructure

Healthy People:

  • 100 trees remove 53 tons of carbon dioxide and 430 pounds of other air pollutants per year

Homeowner Energy Savings:

  • Strategically placed trees save up to 56% on annual air condition costs
  • Just 3 trees properly placed around a house can save up to 30% of energy use annually

Higher Property Values:

  • Mature trees can increase property value by 20%2
  • A mature tree can have an appraised value up to $10,000

Today’s threat to Leonia’s canopy comes primarily from the removal of healthy trees on private property. Plant a tree! Please come pick up a free sapling April 14th, 9 am-12 pm at American Legion Post 1