The Anna C. Scott Elementary School of the Leonia School District has maintained a school garden since 2010. It was founded by Wendy Leynse.  Our goal was to use gardening as a vehicle to connect kids to their food thru a pleasurable, sensory and social experience.

The contents of the garden have changed over the years.  Currently the garden includes the following:

  • Vegetables (corn, peppers, tomatoes)
  • Flowers
  • Herbs

We use the garden to teach our students about the environment and nutrition in the following ways:

  • The science teacher from grades K-5 bring kids outside to plant in the Spring
  • Kids water the plants over the Spring nad volunteer parents water the plants over the Summer.  Community Garden Chair of Home and School organizes watering schedule.
  • The cafeteria has agreed to use the herbs produced by the school garden whenever possible.
  • Each grade has been asked to incorporate the school garden into their curriculum.
    • “In the fall, we revisit the garden to see how the plants have grown over the summer.  Part of the fourth grade science curriculum is that students learn that plants grow from seeds.  While we know where the seeds are in a cucumber or a pepper, students don’t typically see a lettuce seed or an herb seed.  In the fall these plants produce their seeds so students are able to see how leafy greens produce their seeds. I also teach a unit on Nutrition in fifth grade where we talk about the benefits of eating food that we can trace and see where it comes from, such as the produce in our gardens.  We also discuss the benefits of using herbs to enhance flavor in our food instead of using other additives.”- Ms Kim, Science Teacher, 11/19/18
  • We have a garden compost bin which provides compost for the garden’s soil.  Teachers educate their students on how to compost and the benefits composting provides to the garden and to the community.
    • “We also talk about the compost bins we have and they are able to see the process of organic wastes turning into rich humus.  As we clean out the garden in preparation for our spring planting, students add material to the compost bin and we talk about how the pile needs water and air to complete the decomposition process.  We have been fortunate enough to be able to bring the humus from the compost bins and add it into our garden.” – Ms Kim, Science Teacher, 11/19/18