The Green Purchasing Policy was adopted in November 2017 as part of the Leonia School District Sustainability Policy.  This policy has served to support the school district in our effort to purchase products that are more environmentally-friendly and safer for our students and staff.  As outlined in the Green Cleaning Equipment Action and the Green Cleaning Supplies, the school district has begun switching over to products that promote sustainability.  These products eliminate harmful environmental toxins while saving energy and resources.

As products become old and outdated, these items need to be replaced.  There are several school buses that have become old and are in-need of decommission.  In-line with our Green Purchasing Policy, the Leonia School District is planning on purchasing several propane-powered buses which will substantially eliminate harmful emissions.


Sustainability is defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It considers the interrelationship of economic, social, and environmental factors that protect and enhance present and future quality of life.

The Board of Education desires to conduct its operations and make decisions with identified sustainability priorities that include at a minimum:  protecting students, staff, and community from environmental harm; preparing students for the future by educating for sustainability (knowledge of concepts and practices of environmental, social, and economic responsibility and sustainability); and include an intent to preserve current and future resources.

The Board believes by incorporating sustainable practices into school policies and operations it can make an immediate impact on student health, academic performance, and teacher retention while decreasing operational costs and demands on natural resources.

The Superintendent of Schools will establish a School District Sustainability Committee to provide the Superintendent and the Board with information on the benefits of increased sustainability practices within the school district.

The Board wants to protect students, staff, school visitors, and community members from environmental harm and will strive to eliminate the use of potentially toxic and harmful substances; prepare students for the future by providing a high-quality education that support concepts and practices of environmental, social, and economic responsibility and sustainability; and preserving current and future resources by adopting practices in operations that balance environmental, social, and fiscal responsibility to protect and enhance the future quality of life.