With dedicated recycling stations for milk and juice containers in cafeterias and recycling bins for paper and commingled containers in each classroom, Leonia has started a new era of recycling in our schools. Families, support your students! Students, tell your families! Together, we can help make Leonia greener than ever.

The little bins are already making a big difference:

  • Leonia Middle School went from 12 to 9 trash bags per day
  • Leonia’s Elementary School (ACS) went from 14 to 11 trash bags per day
  • Leonia High School went from 17 to 14 trash bags per day

At this pace our school district will reduce their trash by an estimated 1,620 bags per year! School recycling was improved thanks to grants from Sustainable JerseyRecycle Across America andWhole Foods.

Read about our school recycling campaign in the news:

Leonia schools receive $10,000 grant for environmental sustainability project

“The school district, fresh off a campaign to rid its cafeterias of Styrofoam, will expand its environmental sustainability efforts to recycling and education this year, thanks to a $10,000 grant.

The award from the New Jersey Education Association’s Sustainable Jersey for Schools program will fund the construction of recycling stations for milk and juice containers in each of the borough’s three school cafeterias, place recycling bins in each classroom and provide environmental awareness education for students.

Leonia is one of just 11 school districts in New Jersey and the only district in Bergen County to receive the program’s largest grant. An additional 35 grants, worth $2,000, were handed out statewide.

‘The Leonia School District is so excited to be a recipient of a Sustainable Jersey for Schools grant,’ Superintendent Joanne Megargee wrote in a statement. ‘It will allow us to move forward in providing programming for our students and a true sense of community impact for Leonia.'””keep reading at NorthJersey.com >

Leonia Is The 1st Bergen School District To Recycle Juice Cartons 
The move saves the district money in landfill hauling and other fees.

The public school district made a move recently to save money and the environment.

The Leonia Public School District is the first district in Bergen County to recycle milk and juice cartons.

The move saves the district money in disposal fees and has greatly reduced the amount of trash thrown out.

Five bags of trash were thrown out a day from the Anna C. Scott Elementary School cafeteria. Now it’s down to one and a half bags.

Besides recycling milk and juice cartons, the district revamped its entire student recycling and waste management system.

Every classroom now has three recycling bins for paper, plastic, metal, and glass, and landfill garbage.see the article at Patch.com >